Public Health officials in Guthrie and Adair have been made aware of community spread of Covid-19 and are continuing to monitor any individuals who have recently traveled to high risk areas as defined by the CDC and State Department. New testing protocols for Covid -19 have been released allowing for broader testing by clinicians in Iowa.

With cases previously reported in the Carroll County, Harrison County and now with community spread confirmed in Dallas County, the public should maintain a heightened sense of awareness and implement the protective action advised by the CDC and Iowa Department of Public Health. Actions to take, symptoms to be aware of, and what to do if you believe you may have been exposed to the virus can be found on the RESOURCES/VIDEOS page of this website.

Current Status 

Nonpharmaceutical interventions are your most important response strategy

Current Actions 

  • Monitoring  potential local cases.

  • Assisting the Iowa Department of Public Health with the monitoring of public health orders for COVID-19 cases.

  • Assessing medical response resources at the local, regional, and state levels.

  • Participate in statewide coordination and information sharing meetings.

  • Conducting operational planning meetings with local health, medical, and community partners.

  • Conducting active surveillance of emerging health trends.

Risk Assessment

  • For the general American public, who are unlikely to be exposed to this virus at this time, the immediate health risk from COVID-19 is considered low.

  • People in communities where ongoing community spread with the virus that causes COVID-19 has been reported are at elevated though still relatively low risk of exposure.

  • Healthcare workers caring for patients with COVID-19 are at elevated risk of exposure.

  • Close contacts of persons with COVID-19 also are at elevated risk of exposure.

  • Travelers returning from affected international locations where community spread is occurring also are at elevated risk of exposure.